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Highlights: Articles about the Anthropocene & Contemporary Art

21.09.12 | PROJECT: Blog | AUTHOR: Pablo Larios

It’s September now, which means that here at the headquarter’s we’ve been receiving a barrage of new reading material from the magazine world. Apparently, the Anthropocene has been on many people’s minds.

Here are some highlights of articles from Frieze d/e, Frieze, and Kaleidoscope that relate to the ‘recent age of man.’

Frieze d/e (Issue 6)

Two invigorating, disparate accounts of dOCUMENTA(13), by frieze d/e editor Jen Allen (link) and by Susanne von Falkenhausen (link).

Jen Allen: Despite the curatorial interest in research, the presentation of so many conflicts together – their assumed interchangeability as so many traumas and so many moments of gratitude and alliance – seems to serve affect and entertainment, if not an Oprah Winfrey aesthetic of tears and joy at hardships overcome by art: a curatorial pathos purged of not only conflict but often politics and facts.

Susanne von Falkenhausen: Speaking of context: the genre of artistic research seems to have resurrected the old avant-garde dream of dissolving the fine line between art and life – as a dissolution of art in context. The additive structure of this genre favours such a dissolution by blurring the lines between art work and context in both formal and structural terms. But the genre also favours the power of the curator, since she calculates these additive structures into the grand sum total of what Irit Rogoff has called a ‘curatorial episteme’.

And two takes on the word “Species,” by Tue Greenfort and Stefan Helmreich (unfortunately, subscribers only).

In the face of extinction and genetic manipulation, is it time to change the way we classify living organisms?

Frieze (Sep. 2012, Issue 149)

frieze co-editor Jörg Heiser’s article (link) on the work of Matheus Rocha Pitta: “How a monumental ruin is turned to gravel in the Brazilian artist’s show “Dois Reais” (Two Reals, 2012).”

Kaleidoscope (Issue 16)

“Prisoner of Flesh,” A great article (link) by Michele D’Aurizio on post-humanism and the works of Yngve Holen, Nicolas Ceccaldi, and Mathieu Malouf.

Finally, don’t miss Timur Si-Qin’s interview with Manuel De Landa (in print only).

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  1. Phobos says:

    Also, check out Third Text no 120, a special issue on the subject of “Contemporary Art and the Politics of Ecoloy”.

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