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SYNAPSE Workshop 2015 | June 30 – July 4, 2015

About meetings 2

12.04.2011 | Berlin Laughter Project, Meridian | Urban | AUTHOR: Diaspora_web

Chapter 2

Visiting Gozo and Malta was an extremely exciting experience considering the great history of the country and its geostrategic position in the Mediterranean Sea. Of course I was deeply interested in discovering the city of La Valetta, the capital of the country, its monuments and history, its present life as well as the landscapes of the islands, including the wonderful view of Comino Island, which was visible from the ferry on the way from Malta to Gozo. This trip was not only a good opportunity for us to meet again and talk about work, future projects and possibilities, but also a fantastic chance to discover the reality of a new island, one of my favourite “obsessions.” I had taken the opportunity to make this trip with my son and I must say that Norbert and Marisa were really very hospitable and they were wonderful guides during our days in Gozo.


About meetings 1

06.04.2011 | Berlin Laughter Project, Meridian | Urban | AUTHOR:

About meetings Chapter 1 The Berlin Laughter Project was conceived on the small and fantastic island of Gozo, belonging to the country of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea. But let’s talk about how these two artists and this curator met….