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SYNAPSE Workshop 2015 | June 30 – July 4, 2015


21.04.11 | PROJECT: Meridian | Urban | AUTHOR: Keumhwa Kim

I met the artists Anne Duk Hee Jordan and Shira Wachsmann two years ago in Berlin. Anne Duk Hee Jordan, a Korean foundling, was presumably born in 1978. She got adopted and raised in a rural setting in the Palatinate, a region in south western Germany. Currently, she lives and works in Berlin. Shira Wachsmann, born in 1984 in Tel Aviv and raised in India, has lived and studied in Berlin since 2006. Both artists originally come from countries, which have a territorial border that is determined by either political, ideological or religious power. Just like in the formerly divided Berlin, their meridian systems have been interrupted. The artists now find themselves in Berlin, a city that once was split and now is united.

These common features, however, are not the only reason for our collaboration. The aesthetic confrontation with the idea of a “materialization” of living organisms, of the universe and the microcosm, was the main reason behind this project. Movement and process are also key functions for both artists. Whether in site-specific installations or video installations –they simulate the dualistic moment of deconstruction and (re)construction in a poetic and at the same time paradoxical way in one process.

The project “Metrotopie” offers both artists a platform, to reflect their aesthetic ideas of the microcosm and the universe in relation to Asian and European concepts of wellbeing and health. They will transform one U-bahn (metro) carriage into a biotope, in which organisms can follow their own biological imperatives and systems in one architectonically defined space. In the 10-day artistic intervention in the U-bahn on its way through Berlin, they intend to connect art and everyday life and question the relationship between urban life and human wellbeing from various perspectives.

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