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SYNAPSE Workshop 2015 | June 30 – July 4, 2015

SYNAPSE offers blogging facilities to SYNAPSE curators (members) and is open for comments by the public (users). The following code of conduct lays down several simple rules that are binding for all members/users.

1. Treat each other respectfully and fairly
Check your submissions before you upload them. Anyone who posts content or comments on entries should never personally attack or harass other users.

2. Be careful with personal content
Please carefully consider what personal or confidential content you post. Anything that finds its way to the Internet is accessible to a broad public. Confidential and internal information does not belong here.

3. Do not post any illegal/unethical content
When using this website, you agree not to post any content that it is illegal, pornographic, racist, extreme right-wing, sexist, discriminating, slanderous, violent, etc. in nature.

4. Do not incite others to ethically questionable activities
Anyone who makes ethically questionable statements that incite others to violent, irresponsible or illegal actions will be removed from

5. Report questionable content
Everyone should feel responsible for the content. Please notify us of any questionable content via or via the contact form. The editorial staff will review all reports and delete the respective content or comment if necessary.

6. Respect copyrights
Materials that violate rights of use/copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual property ownership may not be distributed over this website. You may not, e.g. cite a complete article, if you do not hold the respective rights of use. Improperly obtained content shall be deleted immediately.

7. Do not send spam
Please do not post your content several times to this website, not even in different sections. This holds particularly true if a moderator has deleted an entry. An entry that has been deleted may not be uploaded again.

8. Do not post any commercial content/disclose user data
Anyone who uses this website to send spam/junk mail/commercial content or disclose user data will be faced with criminal consequences. The content posted here may also not be modified, disclosed, used commercially without consent or misused in any other way.

9. Misuse
If you violate the code of conduct outlined in the terms of use, we reserve the right to modify or delete your content without informing you ahead of time. Under certain circumstances, we will also block or delete your SYNAPSE account.