Brief CV
Alice Carey is a London-based curator whose particular interest in farms and farming relates to a general practice around art and science collaborations. Current projects outside of her ongoing art+farming collaboration with artist Georgina Barney include: The Voice at the Wellcome Collection, London, an evening of lectures, performance, workshops and extreme yodelling; The Daily Life Project with artist Bobby Baker and her company Daily Life Ltd, based in East London; and 'Galapagos,' a group exhibition curated by Greg Hilty and Bergit Arends, supported by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and touring to Liverpool, Edinburgh and Lisbon CAM.
Curatorial Statement
I am interested in farming – umbilical cord of human-earth relations, original metaphor for human labour, physical expression of local knowledge and systems of relationship – as a route into the Anthropocene discourse. The farm offers a situation in which falsely dualistic ideas around ‘nature’ and human agency can be deconstructed, within a context of material production.
Projects realized (Selection)
Through the Land In Conversation Event, Gasworks, London. September 2012; Always Greener: Views from the Contemporary Countryside (Group Show) PM Gallery, Ealing. May/June 2012, ‘How is the Countryside Sold,’ with Georgina Barney and Matthew Hoyland; Green Days, with Radar Arts, Loughborough. 5-6 July 2011, Butcher Baker (Village Walk) and Bakewell and his Legacy (workshop); Farming Fiction with Georgina Barney, Sideshow, Nottingham 2010.