Brief CV
Caroline Picard (b. Tokyo, 1980) is an artist, writer, publisher, and curator. Her writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Artslant, Art Forum, Flash Art International, Paper Monument, and Rattapallax, among other publications. In 2014 she was the Curatorial Fellow at La Box, ENSA in Bourges France for her project, Ghost Nature, a group exhibition that took place simultaneously at the University of Illinois in Chicago's Gallery 400; a digital exposition of the project and its affiliated research was published in Issue 7 of the Journal for Artistic Research. She is the Executive Director of The Green Lantern Press—a nonprofit publishing house and art producer in operation since 2005—and the Co-Director of Sector 2337, a hybrid artspace/bar/bookstore in Chicago.
Curatorial Statement
I am interested in how the object engages systems of power. While that interest began with various investigations about public and private space (via running an apartment gallery, and co-founding the bi-annual directory PHONEBOOK: an index of alternative exhibition spaces with Threewalls) it has since transformed into an on-going investigation of inter-species borders, how the human relates to its environment, and what possibilities emerge from upturning an anthropocentric world view. To further accent the porousness of borders and bounds, my projects manifest in a variety of cross-disciplinary mediums including curation, critical essays, painting, publishing, administrative practices, works of fiction, and comics.
Projects realized (Selection)
1. imperceptibly and slowly opening (Sector 2337) Chicago IL (in process: fall 2015) Responding to a new field of critical thought, imperceptibly and slowly opening uses the group exhibition format to explore the strangeness of plants and how they trouble human structures. 2. The New [New] Corpse, (Sector 2337) Chicago, IL (Oct 2014) A group show produced by The Green Lantern Press with thirteen artists whose work in photography, sculpture, performance, film, and drawing wrestles with representation to show the figure fragmented, distorted or emphatically absent. 3. Following Nonhuman Kinds: A Reading Group, (Latitude+Sector 2337) Chicago, IL (Aug 2014-ongoing). 4. Ghost Nature, Gallery 400, University of Illinois) Chicago, IL (Jan 2014), and (La Box, ENSA) Bourges France (Apr 2014). A group show revising the traditional divide between nature and culture. 5. Field Static: A Group Show About the Object, The Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago, IL. (Jun 2012).