Brief CV
David Ayala-Alfonso (b. 1983, Colombia) is an artist, curator and researcher based in Chicago. He is Editor in Chief for {{em_rgencia}, a peer-reviewed journal on contemporary art. Ayala-Alfonso has published books and articles on interface theory, Latin American art history, artist-run spaces, performance studies, and artistic interventions in the public realm. He is also an occasional collaborator for different academic publications as a writer and a translator. Recent work as part of the art collective 0,29 and as a curator has been featured in South London Gallery, the BMW Guggenheim Lab, Concordia University in Montreal, Columbia College in Chicago, Centro Cultural La Moneda in Santiago, and Banco de la Republica in Bogota. He has been awarded the Fulbright Grant, the ICI-Dedalus Award for Curatorial Research and the Early-concept Grant for Exploratory Research at SAIC. Ayala-Alfonso holds a MA in Visual and Critical Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a specialization in Art Education from the National University of Colombia.
Curatorial Statement
My work is focused on the production of redundant exhibition and information instances to address different audiences and levels of engagement (with art and culture at large). I recast the concept of interfacing from information technology into art as a way of understanding practices that focus on the creation of formats to deal with information and its excess. Here, the disseminating gestures merge with the content. I combine the views from disciplines like visual culture, systems theory and urban sociology to elicit intensified levels of awareness, reflection and dialogue.
Projects realized (Selection)
I LOVE LUCY (Chicago, Ongoing). Research project in exhibition ephemera and publication projects as sites for exhibition. UNCLAIMED TERRITORIES (USA, Ongoing). Curatorial research on post-conceptual art exhibition practices in non-traditional exhibition spaces and post-institutional curatorial practices. MODERN INVENTIONS (Bogota, Colombia, 2012). Fragmental and imposed appearances of modernism in Colombian art, architecture and history. PROJECT FOR EMPTY SPACE: BOGOTA (2011). This project stems from collaboration between the New York-based curatorial collective Project from Empty Space and Grupo 0,29. FAX @ SOUTH LONDON GALLERY (2011). As part of the project initiated by Joao Ribas at the Drawing Center in New York City, I took part at the iteration at South London Gallery as a Guest Curator, selecting a group of artists from Latin America for taking part in the exhibition. HOUSE TAKEN @ 11th HAVANA BIENNIAL. The artist Rafael Gomezbarros created an installation to take over the facades of historic buildings and landmarks, to speak of immigration, displacement and uprooting. THE SPECIALTY OF THE HOUSE (Bogota, Colombia, 2011). BECOMING THE MEDIA (Bogota, Colombia, 2011)