Brief CV
Rivet was founded in 2010 by Sarah Demeuse and Manuela Moscoso. As curatorial office, Rivet takes an expanded approach to curating, integrating exhibition-making with publications, workshops, as well as process-oriented conversations. Its projects have distinct temporalities and visibility, ranging from short events to research exhibitions or publications and semi-public reading groups. Taking long-term collaborations with artists as primary concern, Rivet works with artists over an extended period of time, fostering in-depth research and nourishing collaborative rapports. Since 2010, Rivet has focused on object-oriented ontology and its overlaps with contemporary artistic practice. Thus far, this research has materialized in sequential research exhibitions and publications about generics and deployment, and resonance and repetition. Rivet does not run a space of its own but instead chooses to work with engaged partners. The office has curated exhibitions and projects in collaboration with: Artium (Vitoria, Spain, Feb 2012), ICI (New York, Winter 2012), Galerie Tatjana Pieters (Ghent, Belgium, June 2012), 98weeks (Beirut, Lebanon, Sept 2012), Goethe Institut (New York, Oct 2012), The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts (New York, Nov 2012), Vera List Center for Art and Politics (New York, Dec 2012)////////////////// Sarah Demeuse also translates and edits, and is currently part of the 9th Mercosur Biennial Porto Alegre curatorial team. Manuela Moscoso is co-director of CAPACETE Entretenmentos an international residency and research program located in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil ________________________________________________________________________ **Manuela Moscoso is a curator based in Brazil originally from Quito, Ecuador. For the last ten years, Moscoso's curatorial practice has focused on generating spaces for research, production, and display of artistic practices. Whether in co-running an artist- space, founding an online platform, creating a curatorial residency program, or organizing group shows, she sees collaboration as integral to her practice. As a curator, she has recently worked on: Quarter System at Navarra University, Pamplona; The Queens Biennial: Three Points Make a Triangle at the Queens Museum, New York; Even in the Quietest Moments at Vogt Gallery, New York, Before Everything, CA2M, Madrid, among others. Manuela holds a Master’s Degree in Curatorial Studies from the Center for Curatorial Studies in Bard College and graduated with a BFA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design, London.
Curatorial Statement
Reading, writing and workshops are integral, but not always visible parts of Rivet. We dwell on the topic at hand and resist an assembly line imperative of curating, returning to stumbling blocks or interests. No theoreticians, we consider curating as exercise, testing givens from other fields against knowledge from artistic practice. We remain self-aware and perceive how scientific & ethical paradigms, and art´s specificity inflect the problematic relation between art & object-oriented thought.
Projects realized (Selection)
RIVET___________________________________________________________________ *Ongoing & Upcoming: "Riveting in Practice" & critic's visit, MOCA Cleveland, May 2013 "The Wilson Excercise”, REDCAT, Los Angeles, January 2014 Thinking thought Book-project with artist and critic contributions, in collaboration with Archive Books and the Universidad de Navarra (scheduled launch January 2014). "Top to Bottom and Bottom Up", forthcoming Past: *Exhibitions “Resonance and Repetition,” November 2012-December 2012, EFA, New York "Resonance," October-December 2012, Goethe Institut, New York "WeareQQ at 98 weeks," series of screenings, October-November, Beirut, Lebanon "Esta puerta pide clavo," June-July 2012, Tatjana Pieters Gallery, Ghent, Belgium "Asha Schechter: MockUp,” February-April 2012, Artium, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Vitoria, Spain "The Anonymous Life of Patek Philippe," March 2012-, rivet web "Even in the Quietest Moments,” Vogt Gallery, New York, Summer 2011 “The Action of Things,” CCS Bard, Annandale-on-Hudson, Spring 2011 *Talks/seminars "Resonance and research practice" at Universidade de Verão, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, January 15, 2012 "On resonance and forms of resistance" Vera List Center for Art and Politics, New School, New York: November 27, 2012 "Around and About Curating" Rivet at the Centro Cultural de Espanha, São Paulo, Brazil, October 4th, 2012 Reading Speculative Realism, curatorial hub @ Independent Curators International, New York, Winter-Spring 2012 Third Tuesdays: Rivet, Independent Curators International, New York, January 16, 2012 Contemporary Art Gallery, University of Connecticut, September 13, 2011 The Artist’s Institute, Hunter College, New York, October 11, 2011 Vogt Gallery, New York, July 28, 2011 *Publications "It's about time" Art Papers January 2013 "CA NE DO" (with weareQQ) published in Territorios y Fronteras Universidad del País Vasco, 2012 and English version on “In Defense of Middle Images" (working title, with Aimar Arriola), rivet web, Fall 2012 "Speculating about Artistic Speculation,” Lina Persson Catalogue, published by University of Connecticut, Fall 2011