Brief CV
Sophia Gräfe is a media culture scholar, assistant curator and freelance text editor based in Berlin. Her academic work explores the sociological and epistemological meaning of pictures within cultural processes. This includes work within the fields of video and digital art. As an assistant curator she has worked with various media and experimental film festivals such as the transmediale festival, Werkleitz festival and Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen as well as galleries and artist studios.
Curatorial Statement
I am interested in image theory, artistic research, and the history of science. In my curatorial work I study the emergence of a specific visual evidence which is »made to occur« within form and material experiments – of both, scientific or an artistic origin. Images or objects, which have become images, can be seen as specimens. Their object-status oscillates between being a document and being a model. My aim is to outline these forms of authentication with a focus on bio-politics.
Projects realized (Selection)
2014 Text editor and co-author of the SPACE FOR VISUAL RESEARCH (Spector Books, 2014) 2011 Curatorial Assistant to the 57. Internationalen Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen themed »Tier« (Animal), Oberhausen (D) Curatorial Assistant to the Werkleitz Festival 2011 themed »Zoo«, Halle (D) Editor of »Über die Bewegung – special issue of r u n« (Rang und Namen magazine), Weimar (D) Curation of the showreel Sommernachtstape 2010, Faculty of Art & Design, Weimar (D) 2010 Research Assistant to the Werkleitz Festival 2010 themed »Angst hat Grosse Augen« (Fear has big eyes), Halle (D) 2009–2011 Curation for »marke.6«, university gallery of Bauhaus-University Weimar e.g. co-curation of the »Bauhaus trifft Bauhaus und baut sich ein Kino« film programme and at Neues Museum, Weimar (D) 2009-2010 Curatorial Assistant »Film & Video« and »Satellite Events« of transmediale 2010 »FUTURITY NOW!«, Berlin (D) 2009 Editor of »bauhausler superstars« und »bauhausler content of the journal of culture« of Galerie Eigenheim Weimar e. V. (D) Co-curation of the »Bauhaus trifft Bauhaus und baut sich ein Kino« film programme and at Neues Museum Weimar (D) 2008-2009 Curation of the 10th und 11th backup film festival, Weimar (D)