Brief CV
Vincent Normand is a writer and curator living in Paris. He is co-author of the film "Counter History of Separation" (2011, with Etienne Chambaud), and the book "Metaxu" (Rosascape, Paris, 2011, with Fabien Giraud). His recent curatorial projects include the exhibitions "Sinking Islands" (LABOR, Mexico City, 2012), "Fun Palace" (Centre Pompidou, Paris, 2010), as well as the tripartite project "The Sirens’ Stage" (David Roberts Foundation, London, 2010), "Le Stade des Sirènes" (Kadist Foundation, Paris, 2010), and "Lo stato delle sirene" (Nomas Foundation, Rome, 2010). He is co-founder of the magazine CRITICISM and, until June 2012, was co-director of the art space FORDE in Geneva, where he curated solo exhibitions by young international artists, managed a bookshop, organized satellite programs, and edited FORDE’s publications. His current researches focus on relocating the history of exhibitions in the broader field of a history of observation. In this framework he recently led the thematic residency "The Decapitated Museum" at the Banff Center (Canada, November - December 2012).