Brief CV
WANG Chun-Chi is a Berlin–based curator engaged in collaborative art production and research. She is trained as artist at New York University Tisch School of the Arts. In 2012, she was Assistant Curator for Taipei Biennial, Modern Monsters / Death and Life of Fiction. Her projects was presented in Berlin, Paris, New York, Taipei, and Seoul in various collaborations from 2010 to 2016. A collective and intergenerational investigation of feminism in the context of contemporary art practice that included a symposium, exhibition; and lecture. She is the founder of IDOLONSTUDIO(Union of European Asian Artists), is a non-profit, interdisciplinary organization that provides innovative artists working in the media, literary, and performing arts with exhibition and performance opportunities to create and present new work.
Curatorial Statement
WANG Chun-Chi's work develops ideas that lead into a collaborative process-based working relationship with artists to examine issues she considers crucial, such as: critically assessing contemporary culture, investigating the way meaning is constructed and endowing the world with complexity at a time when the surface is rarely scratched and time is short. Her curatorial voice endeavors to make people re-think, slow down, delve beneath the surface and to excavate rather than simply consume. It does not summarize or offer answers, rather it asks questions that lead to contemplation, discussion, and new thoughts about the world around us.
Projects realized (Selection)
"HIEROGLYPHIC MEMORY: SURVEYING BANGKA THROUGH NARRATIVE TRACE" at BOPILIAO HISTORICAL BLOCK (Taipei, Taiwan 2016); "URBAN SYNESTHESIA" at Kaohsiung Fine Art Museum (Kaohsiung, Taiwan 2015-16); "SPECULATIVE DUST" at Corner Art Space (Seoul, South Korea 2015); “LIGHT INTERDICTION" at PS ART SPACE (PSAS) (Fremantle, Western Australia 2015); "Unconscious" at the Sylvia Wald & PO Kim Art Gallery (New York, United States 2015)