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SYNAPSE Workshop 2015 | June 30 – July 4, 2015

An Elixir Realigning

Curator: Deeksha Nath
Artists: Sharon Chin, Varsha Nair, Karla Sachse

A human body like the body of a town is commonly seen as always being well. Wishful thinking wants to place it far from any sickness, not bringing to mind the irritations that accompany our daily life and energetic balance, which needs support also from the outside. Urban planners of yore consciously conceived the layout of towns and cities as analogous with the human body thus keeping in mind the inner and outer flow of spaces we inhabit. The old Chinese system of meridians and the even older Indian Ayurvedic practice are helpful images to touch the inner vigor of health. But also the occidental tradition has several approaches, and not only by alchemy. On these spacious nets of thinking we base the idea to use an elixir in a performance to realign a street at the edge of the city into our own health awareness in relation to and of the town. Both, historical and current situation of the street and its impact on society are taken into account.

The performance treats each place for 70 minutes, using one elixir that contains seven substances gathered from Asia and Germany.

Actual Logs

Elixir: selecting the ingredients

08.09.11 | CURATOR: Deeksha Nath

LOG #2 Selecting Ingredients: a snippet into our collaborative process Varsha Nair 6th Jan, 2011 Re. ingredients, I am relating my search to the “quality of air in urban environments” based on my personal recent experience of discomfort/ ill health…


An Elixir Realigning – An Introduction

29.06.11 | CURATOR: Deeksha Nath

LOG # 1: An Introduction Varsha Nair, artist Bangkok, June 24th, 2011 When I first read the call for projects for Meridian Urban I went through the details and then put it aside. It’s a lot of work to ‘apply’…