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SYNAPSE Workshop 2015 | June 30 – July 4, 2015


Curator: Keumwha Kim
Artists: Shira Wachsmann, Anne Dukhee Jordan

Meridians are geological and geo-biological terms in Europe. In Latin it is known as the “ciruculus meridianus” or midday circle and is a geographic description for the Earth’s surface, simultaneously linking all the places with the sun. In Geo-biology it is described as the earth’s energy path revealing the metaphysical power. Taken from the Chinese medicine or European geography, the meridian gives us primeval energy which flows through the human body and the Earth. In Chinese this primeval energy is known as “Qi”.

For our project Metrotopie the flowing of this energy is of central importance. According to Taoism “Qi” fills and accompanies all living creatures. It is the substance that embraces the entire universe, both physically and spiritually. This constant movement of Qi is found everywhere; it flows between human beings, plants, objects and the environment. In the project “Metropie” we want to examine the altering relationship between the urban landscape, people and Berlin’s nature through different perspectives. After the reunification of Germany, geographic barriers within Berlin were removed. Nevertheless the flow of the meridian system is still blocked at several points by social, political and environmental problems.

The artists Anne Dukhee Jordan and Shira Wachsmann set out in search of geographic acupoints within Berlin along the subway network, where the flow of the primeval Qi energy is in need of encouragement and support.

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   VOGT Landschaftsarchitekten

Actual Logs


21.04.11 | CURATOR: Keumhwa Kim

I met the artists Anne Duk Hee Jordan and Shira Wachsmann two years ago in Berlin. Anne Duk Hee Jordan, a Korean foundling, was presumably born in 1978. She got adopted and raised in a rural setting in the Palatinate,…