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SYNAPSE Workshop 2015 | June 30 – July 4, 2015

Scope of application
The following terms of use govern the relationship between SYNAPSE, a project of Haus der Kulturen der Welt, and the members and users of the website for the SYNAPSE project ( These terms define registered curators as SYNAPSE members and as users as anyone who has registered with SYNAPSE.

Content & services
SYNAPSE offers members a platform for exchange. Users can comment on blog entries of SYNAPSE members and the content of other users.

•Visitors to the SYNAPSE website can view all content without registering or creating a profile. It is not possible, however, to make entries.
• Curators’ profiles are free of charge on this website. The SYNAPSE network is open to international up-and-coming curators with initial curatorial experience. Curators are welcome to apply  for SYNAPSE membership. The Haus der Kulturen der Welt reserves the right to select SYNAPSE members. Winners of open calls for SYNAPSE are invited  to create a profile on Haus der Kulturen der Welt reserves the right to edit all profiles of this website.
• Users must register before creating a profile. A password is automatically generated for the user upon registration and sent to the e-mail address he entered when registering.
• No one is entitled to use the website. The website operators reserve the right to terminate or restrict the services offered, either in part or in full, at any time without specifying a reason. The website operators also do not guarantee that the SYNAPSE website is available to the member or user at specific times. The website operators also assume no liability in the event of malfunctions, interruptions or website failure nor do they guarantee that user data is permanently stored or can be continuously accessed.

License terms
The member/user hereby agrees to publish all of the content uploaded to this website under the German CC license “Attribution – Non-Commercial – No Derivatives”. See:

Member/User obligations
The member/user hereby agrees to use exclusively for the purpose defined by the website operators. He shall follow the SYNAPSE code of conduct and respect all rights of third parties. Any use that is illegal or for purposes other than what was originally intended is not permitted.
This includes:
• using this website for commercial purposes or in the interest of a political party
• distributing illegal, pornographic, racist, extreme right-wing, sexist, discriminating or violent content
• making ethically questionable statements that invoke violent, irresponsible or illegal activities
• uploading materials that violate trademarks/copyrights or other intellectual property ownership (proprietary rights) as long as the rights owner has not explicitly authorized use
• sending spam and spamming the website with personal content of the user
• creating a hyperlink on SYNAPSE if the linked page contains morally objectionable, violent, racist and/or illegal content
• entering personal data of someone else upon registration and for further use, also disclosing one’s own or someone else’s user data
• destroying or hindering/disrupting website functions (e.g. by uploading programs or quantities of data that are too large)

To counteract the distribution of inadmissible content or comments that violate the SYNAPSE code of conduct and the terms of use, please contact the editorial staff via the synapse contact form. The editorial staff reviews the reported content and deletes any inadmissible content and/or contacts the author.

1. Responsibility for all content
The user is fully responsible for all of the content he submits. He hereby confirms that this content is not illegal, does not violate any official decrees or the rights of third parties and does not conflict with any of the principles outlined above.

2. Misuse of content
The user hereby confirms that he is the sole rights holder of the content submitted or is in possession of all of the required rights of use. He hereby agrees to release the website operators from all third-party claims based on the misuse of third-party content. If costs are rise as a result, he hereby agrees to cover them, particularly the costs of a legal defense.

3. Confidentiality of the access password
The user hereby agrees to keep his access password for his profile/community platform confidential and not to disclose it to unauthorized third parties. The user hereby releases the website operators from all third-party claims arising from a violation of the duty to keep his access password confidential or the duty to report a clear legal violation by third-parties.

4. Misuse of user profiles
The user also hereby agrees to report any misuse of his profile immediately. In the event of misuse, he shall change his password right away. SYNAPSE assumes absolutely no liability for any damages arising from the authorized/improper use of password-protected user logins.

Rights to content
SYNAPSE may make the content submitted by the registered user publicly accessible at no charge and without limitation as to territory, time and scope and on the websites of its cooperation partners. The user hereby provides his express consent for this.

Handling personal data
The website operators shall handle personal data with the greatest possible care and agree not to disclose personal data to third parties. Because data transmission over the Internet is not 100% secure, it is not possible to guarantee that the data is absolutely protected from third-party access.

The user agrees to allow his data to be stored. This data is deleted when the user unsubscribes.

The user agrees to enter personal data correctly and report any changes immediately. In the event that incorrect data is entered, the website operators reserve the right to terminate use. In addition, the user agrees to treat any personal data he receives when using this website confidentially. It is expressly prohibited to transfer the data of third parties who have not created user profiles on this website either to or over this website.

Termination of use
The user may terminate use at any time without specifying a reason. He can delete his user profile himself or notify the website operators of termination in writing. The user profile and his mailbox are deleted. The content he submitted is automatically made anonymous.

SYNAPSE is authorized to block the access of the user if he violates the terms of use or the code of conduct.

Changing the terms
The website operators reserve the right to change the terms of use at any time. The user is informed of the changes and accepts them the next time he logs in.

The misuse of this website can have civil or criminal consequences. If there are indications of misuse, the website operators reserve the right to modify or delete content or to block the user profile at their own discretion and remove the user from the Community. We reserve the right to terminate the usage relationship at any time.

The usage relationship is subject to German law. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Berlin.

Berlin, September 2012.